Thursday, October 21, 2010

How do I set up a wireless router to piggyback off a hard wired router?

I have a hard wired network in my house and recently got a laptop. Going to a totally wireless network is not an option. I have heard you can connect a wireless router to a hard wired router. What do I need to do to accomplish this?How do I set up a wireless router to piggyback off a hard wired router?
You can wire both together.

The best way, to avoid IP conflicts, is to run a cable from the LAN port of #1 to router #2 WAN port. However, you have to set things up right first...

1) Log into the admin page of #2, and set the IP address to something different than router #1, else routing won't work. ie: or something else... (but in 192.168.x.1 range)

2) Set the wireless channel on #2 to something different than #1 (if it's wireless - if not, skip this step), like channel 1 or channel 11, assuming #1 is at default channel 6.

3) Set #2 WAN port to use DHCP

4) Plug LAN port from #1 to WAN port #2

That should do it. However, there are some gotchas:

1) Computers on router #1 cannot see computers on router #2, because #2 is blocking incoming requests, as routers do...

2) Computers on #2 can see everything on #1 LAN (all local computers, because they initiate the outgoing connections (so put servers, etc. on Router #1)

3) all computers on #1 and #2 can get to the internet, wired or wirelessly...

Now, on some routers (not many), they may not want to router 192.168.x.y packets, as it is supposed to be ';non-routable';. In that case, set the second router LAN address to something else, and see if that works...

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